Private Advanced Obedience Training

After you have completed our Real Life obedience program, Pro-Dog offers an in-depth Advanced Obedience Program. Each individual hourly class is personally customized to you, your dog and your training goals.

The core goal of our Advanced Obedience program is to refine the partnership between dog and handler and to sharpen the skills of both:

  • Long line distance recall
  • Down - Stay ( heavy distraction )
  • Emergency Down
  • Off Leash Respect and Conditioning
  • Ball & Prey Drive Motivation and Development
  • Place ( heavy distraction )
  • Obedience in Public ( soccer games, park, beach )
  • Brace Training ( two dogs, 1 leash and coupler )

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Thanks to John I am on my way to becoming competent dog owner. I took on the responsibility of having a dog without any knowledge of a dog's natural instincts that make them behave the way the do. Before I found John, I bought many training books and videos (all of Cesar Milan's!) and they didn't help. John showed me how even I could be my dog's respected pack leader. His methods work! And the pure beauty of it is there's nothing complicated or mystical about it, it's straight forward. After our first lesson I was more confident and in control of my dog's behavior. Thanks John!

~ Laurie Boyle

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