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Our passion at Pro-Dog is improving pet-caregiver relationships. We provide personalized, private dog training to help eliminate unwanted and unbalanced behaviors in your dog. We know it’s difficult to feel at ease when your beloved canine friend jumps on people, barks incessantly, or pulls aggressively on his leash during walks. We’ll teach you techniques to get your pooch on track, whether you’re housetraining a new puppy or you have a senior dog that has developed some unwanted behaviors (old dogs can learn new tricks!). We provide all of the following services:

Real-Life Dog Obedience Training

Pro-Dog's NJ In-Home Dog Training classes will teach you, your family, and your dog basic techniques, commands, and hand signals ... Read more »

Private Advanced Obedience Training

The core goal of our Advanced Obedience program is to refine the partnership between dog and handler and to sharpen the skills ... Read more »

Behavioral Consultation & Rehabilitation

A customized rehabilitation program as well as structured obedience can help you manage, and ultimately eliminate these and other ... Read more »

Hidden Fence

Hidden Fence Installation & Training

In addition to being less expensive and safer than traditional dog fences, a hidden fence can be easily customized to establish a safe ... Read more »

Dogtra E-Collar Training

From off leash training to gentle behavior modification, Dogtra e-collars can help bridge the gap between on and off leash control with ... Read more »

Puppy Management

Our NJ puppy training program is a must for every new puppy owner. In two one-hour sessions, our NJ dog training experts will show each ... Read more »

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Pro-Dog K-9 has been providing successful In-Home Dog training programs throughout NJ for over 2 decades

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Off-Leash Dog Training with Pro-Dog K9

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John was out this weekend to meet and work with our dog Stewart, an 11 months old american pit/pit mix. We were amazed by how quickly he was able to get Stewart to respond to him. Within seconds it was clear that we made the right decision to work with John. After just a few days, Stewart is listening on a whole new level. He is also walking beautifully on his leash. We are calling John the Dog Wisperer, a name he truly deserves!

I just completed day one of John's program. What this man did in the first 20 minutes was amazing. Kali is already a changed dog. If this is what he can help me accomplish on day one then I can't wait to see what the next 3 weeks of his help will bring!

Thanks to John I am on my way to becoming competent dog owner. I took on the responsibility of having a dog without any knowledge of a dog's natural instincts that make them behave the way the do. Before I found John, I bought many training books and videos (all of Cesar Milan's!) and they didn't help. John showed me how even I could be my dog's respected pack leader. His methods work! And the pure beauty of it is there's nothing complicated or mystical about it, it's straight forward. After our first lesson I was more confident and in control of my dog's behavior. Thanks John!

Custom At-Home dog training programs for every dog owner

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One common cause of unwanted behavior in dogs is miscommunication. Through Pro-Dog Canine Academy's NJ dog training program, you can be taught how to effectively communicate in a language your dog can understand! Custom, private, in-home programs for every dog & owner.

"We Are NJ's Experts at Rehabilitating Unstable, Unbalanced Dogs!"

Through effective communication and proper training, dogs can be taught to perform positive and helpful behaviors, anything from simple obedience commands to search and rescue.

Pro-Dog's innovative, custom dog training programs are designed to open the lines of communication and build strong relationships between you and your dog. As you achieve specific goals with your dog as a team, you will find the bond between you becomes enriched and positive.

Your dog will work to please you by exhibiting calm, mannerly behavior. When your dog is a well mannered companion, you will have more time to spend working, playing and relaxing together ! Pro-Dog's custom in-home private dog training programs are available in Monmouth, Ocean, Middlesex, Union and Mercer counties in New Jersey

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