NJ Rescue Dog Promotions

ProDog Canine Training in Jackson New Jersey is now offering special promotions for owners and families of newly adopted dogs and Puppies.

All shelter dogs and private rescue groups qualify. Education and early obedience training is the key to keeping these rescued dogs in their new loving homes. Allowing a rescue dog or shelter dog too many freedoms and not enough structure because you feel bad is never best for the dog. (ex Letting them up on the couch, a lack of basic leash skills inside and out, unclear, inconsistent discipline) . With a lack of structure and clear communication your dog may revert back to the same behaviors that unfortunately may have got them to the shelter in the first place.

Leadership roles by all family members, clear rules and guidelines to behavior and the mental stimulation of dog training and obedience equal the formula for a successful adoption and years of love and respect from your dog.



  • Discount special off our (2) session puppy headstart Training

  • Discount special off our (2) session behavior consultation and new dog basic education training

  • As well as discounts for more advanced dog training ( Obedience) , behavior consultation and rehabilitation programs.

  • ProDog Canine serves all of Monmouth, Middlesex, Mercer and Ocean counties in New Jersey. Proof of adoption is required for promotional pricing.

Please call for all the details and speak to one of ProDog's New Jersey Dog Trainers and Behavior experts. (732) 431-3211

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