Behavioral Consultation & Rehabilitation

A customized rehabilitation program as well as structured obedience can help you manage, and ultimately eliminate these and other unwanted behaviors.

Communication and understanding are key!

Pro-Dog will take you step by step through this process and teach you how to channel your dogs energy into positive behavior:
  • Excessive barking
  • Destructive chewing or digging
  • Nipping or biting ( dominant mouthing )
  • Fearful aggression, shyness & anxiety
  • Separation anxiety
  • Elimination inside

As Well as : Dog Aggression, Resource Guarding, Toy Possessiveness, Food Aggression, Food Stealing, Jumping on Guests, Climbing on Furniture, Darting out Doors, Pulling on and Biting Leash, Yard Escaping, Hyperactivity.

We offer specialized consultation for aggressive behavior. Getting to the root of the aggression and understanding the psychology behind it gives us the opportunity to rehabilitate even the most aggressive, unstable and unbalanced dogs. Extreme aggression in dogs is very serious and knowing how to recognize the most subtle signs can mean all the difference in the world. These behaviors will not subside, they will only intensify because the behavior is being reinforced every time it occurs without proper intervention.


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Thanks to John I am on my way to becoming competent dog owner. I took on the responsibility of having a dog without any knowledge of a dog's natural instincts that make them behave the way the do. Before I found John, I bought many training books and videos (all of Cesar Milan's!) and they didn't help. John showed me how even I could be my dog's respected pack leader. His methods work! And the pure beauty of it is there's nothing complicated or mystical about it, it's straight forward. After our first lesson I was more confident and in control of my dog's behavior. Thanks John!

~ Laurie Boyle

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