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"Structure and consistency"
Prodogk9 will teach you and your entire family easy to follow techniques and will customize a program to quickly house-train your new puppy. A proper-sized crate and divider panel are of utmost importance. Stay away from the pitfalls of puppy wee-wee pads. They are very similar to your expensive area rugs. Trust us, not a good idea. The entire learning process is based on structure and consistency, positive reinforcement, and reward. Our NJ dog trainers will have you and your pup on track in no time. For the rest of the tricks of the trade and the fast track to no more accidents inside your home, call today! Prodogk9 is the expert in fast and effective puppy training. Don't wait, CALL TODAY!!!



"A dominant gesture, not affection"
From 8 weeks on any and all "play biting" should be immediately deterred. It isn't play at all, but an exploration of dominance. PRODOG's Puppy Management program explains in detail and in the comfort of your own home gentle puppy subordination techniques necessary to give your pup clear-cut household rules. You will find that your pup actually enjoys learning rules and will be eager to please. Extremely dominant or "Alpha" personality pups can be difficult to handle and train. With proper instruction PRODOG’s NJ obedience training for dogs will help your whole family guide your puppy through the most challenging stages of development. Don't wait, CALL TODAY!!!



"PRODOG teaches techniques to promote calm, level behavior"
The uneducated dog owner can inadvertently praise behavior you are trying to eliminate or make more manageable. PRODOG will teach your whole family simple techniques that will channel your dog's energy in positive ways. Training and breed-specific skills will promote a calm, level state of mind. Proper engagement of your dog's natural aptitudes is easier than you think – CALL TODAY!!!



"A harness isn't the answer"
Don't let your dog LEAD you! Teaching "HEEL" is the first step in obedience to establish calm, assertive leadership. YES, you can do it in a single session! When you cannot feel your dog on lead, they are in the "zone." And when your dog is in the "zone," he can see you and your directions. Don't fall for gimmick collars and food bait. Establish fundamental leadership in less than an hour with PRODOG’s NJ-area top dog obedience program. CALL TODAY!!!



"Establishing your pack"
Understanding how to get and keep your puppy's attention is key to obtaining a sound leadership position. PRODOG works with all family members and teaches real-life practical techniques anyone can reinforce based on age and ability. PRODOG will show your family how to communicate on a level your energetic pup can understand. Our NJ-based pet trainers will teach fun, game-based skills to curb your puppy's natural tendency to be the boss. Your puppy will love and respect you for it. Don't wait until it's too late. CALL TODAY!!!



"Learn real-life dog training skills in the comfort of your home"
PRODOG's custom AT-HOME NJ K9 training programs far exceed the success rate with any other method because WE TEACH YOU HOW TO TEACH YOUR DOG. Dog training is about communication and individual respect between dog and the entire family.

No food-based reward group class or day-care style training can provide the REAL-LIFE skills needed to obtain a well-mannered, focused, well-trained companion in your home. By training on site, PRODOG can address specific issues affecting your enjoyment of your family dog.

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Thanks to John I am on my way to becoming competent dog owner. I took on the responsibility of having a dog without any knowledge of a dog's natural instincts that make them behave the way the do. Before I found John, I bought many training books and videos (all of Cesar Milan's!) and they didn't help. John showed me how even I could be my dog's respected pack leader. His methods work! And the pure beauty of it is there's nothing complicated or mystical about it, it's straight forward. After our first lesson I was more confident and in control of my dog's behavior. Thanks John!

~ Laurie Boyle

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