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Hey John,

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all your help. You were truly amazing. I could not believe how you were able to teach my Weimaraner when he was just three months old! In a few minutes you had him sitting and down! OUTSTANDING! You also gave me the tools I needed so I could reinforce the good behaviors and eliminate the bad. You fielded my panic phone calls when I thought I had totally lost control. You were very honest with me from the start and set realistic expectations. I originally hired you because you were so straight forward that you did not know how to train the hunting aspect of my dog but it made sense that you told me I needed absolute obedience and that you could handle that. Every time we meet, I am more amazed at how much my dog is capable of. I could not have achieved half of this without your help. The new techniques and collars you have introduced to me I would have never have even used. I may have thought they were cruel or not necessary however you explained them so that I was comfortable trying them. The pinch collar, truly awesome tool. The Dogtra E collar was amazing as well. It almost eliminated my dog not [paying attention to me in less than 10 minutes. Now it is hard to blow him off. I almost can't even run away from him without him coming. AMAZING! I can't wait to see how much we can get out of him over the course of us working together.

When I have him looking good over birds you are more than welcome to join me and see what you helped me achieve. I could not have done it without you!!!!

Thanks again,


Thank-you, thank-you,thank-you! From the moment you came to our house we new you were the the right person to train Ty.You had him working the second you walked in the door, I was truly in awe. It is our loss that we didn't have you when we first got Ty but nevertherless, you did such an amazing job with him and we are so grateful for your services. From the obedience training, to the pinch collar, to the Dogtra e-collar, your expertise and knowledge gave us the dog we signed on for.There is no doubt in my mind with a few more lessons you can have Ty making our coffee!!!But seriously, I can't express my gratiude enough to you for making Ty the dog we can finally enjoy in our home.You made what seemed to be impossible-possible.

Thanks again,

Dee Tsavlis

We called John when our 8 month old German Shepherd, Sadie, had us at our breaking point. She was uncontrollably territorial of our house, charged the front door and anyone who came through it as well as other dogs on walks. After our first demo lesson with John, we saw an immediate improvement in Sadie's behavior and from there it only got better. She is now learning to walk off leash with the dogtra collar, heeling off leash and is actually friendly and eager to meet other dogs. We didn't take away the guard dog in her, but she now knows when to turn it off. John takes the time to explain every step and why he is doing it. Which was imperative for me since I had never owned a powerful breed before and tend to be a little overprotective of the dog. John never lost his patience with me. Not only did he train our dog, he also taught me how to be better dog owner. Thanks to him we now have a stable, well mannered dog who respects both of her owners. I would recommend him to everyone, no matter what kind of dog or issue you may have.


Unbelievable. Truly unbelievable. Had I not seen it for myself I would not believe it. He defiantly knows what he is doing. I hired John for my parents who have a beagle that they rescued several years ago. Although the dog became calmer over the years he was still very skiddish and would bite if scared. He also had a mind of his own and didn't listen too well. After just 1 session with John he was sitting and walking calmly on a leash. After 2 sessions he learned how to stay. Most importantly John taught my parents the commands so that they can continue to work with their dog. I highly recommend him!!

John was out this weekend to meet and work with our dog Stewart, an 11 months old american pit/pit mix. We were amazed by how quickly he was able to get Stewart to respond to him. Within seconds it was clear that we made the right decision to work with John. After just a few days, Stewart is listening on a whole new level. He is also walking beautifully on his leash. We are calling John the Dog Wisperer, a name he truly deserves!

Jill and Bill Klun

We recently completed at-home training with John W. and our 10 month old puppy "Napa". We are pleasantly surprised with the results of training for her and how far she has come. She still requires training, however she is in a much better place than before. She was in training at a "chain store" for basic obedience, but this did not address her issues with excessive barking, being territorial, protective, and signs of fearfulness that resulted in somewhat aggressive behaviors towards people and other dogs, etc. She received training for "in-home" and "on-leash" behavior, and after 5 sessions has advanced to training for "off-leash behavior" specifically with the "Dogtra e-collar." We couldn't believe her response to the collar and her obedience off leash, as well as playfulness. She loved "working" for us, and having a little bit of controlled freedom! We were in awe at times, thinking, "this isn't her, she hadn't responded that positively in the past."

John W. definitely has a great understanding of dog behavior and how to address misbehaviors positively. He has a calm demeanor and is patient with addressing your concerns. Even though Napa was/still is a puppy, her behaviors were not the norm and ones that she would "grow out of." The key to her training with John W. was/is definitely consistency! You have to be willing and wanting to practice his strategies and techniques with your puppy/dog daily to see true results!

We highly recommend Pro-Dog services and continue to seek it out ourselves. Thank you John!

Nicole Raco

Thanks to John I am on my way to becoming competent dog owner. I took on the responsibility of having a dog without any knowledge of a dog's natural instincts that make them behave the way the do. Before I found John, I bought many training books and videos (all of Cesar Milan's!) and they didn't help. John showed me how even I could be my dog's respected pack leader. His methods work! And the pure beauty of it is there's nothing complicated or mystical about it, it's straight forward. After our first lesson I was more confident and in control of my dog's behavior. Thanks John!

Laurie Boyle

I just completed day one of John's program. What this man did in the first 20 minutes was amazing. Kali is already a changed dog. If this is what he can help me accomplish on day one then I can't wait to see what the next 3 weeks of his help will bring!

Deneen Rizzuto

We love our Dog Watch Hidden Fence. It works just as well it was explained. After the first set-up and run through, Finnegan knew his boundaries. I ony wish we got it months ago! I highly recommend Pro-Dog Canine Academy and Dog-Watch Hidden Fences. John has been nothing but a pleasure to work with.

Dana Barone

Great, practical suggestions. It was very evident John has years of experience and loves dogs. We have worked with other trainers that attempted to instill obedience through strong discipline, with little success. He made certain that I understand why his techniques worked which made it easier to understand my dog's motivation. Also, I appreciated the quick email follow-up reviewing everything we discussed.

Nick Delconzo

I would highly recommend John for all your dog training needs! John has been working with two pugs, for only two weeks and it already shows. Biggie and Buster were our first dogs and were use to all of our attention. We now have a new baby and a toddler and our dogs are were fighting for our attention. John helped us tailor a socialization and training plan that really worked for us and gave Biggie and Buster many of the necessary tools to be a well behaved dogs. He has ALWAYS been available when we needed him. From answering a quick question via the telephone to helping us work with the dogs around our new baby, John has always come through. The best part about John is that he taught us, not just Biggie and Buster. This instruction and information has always allowed us to continue the repetition necessary to really solidify a skill or modify a behavior. John has been fantastic and an invaluable part of our dogs training.

Donna Woodside

I hired John for my one year old rottweiler Sasha. Sasha was very energetic and sadly had bitten someone. I needed to know if I had a vicious dog on my hands for my kids sake. John was great with Sasha!!! What I learned from John in regards to my dog was priceless. My dog was not vicious, just dominant and needed to be handled accordingly. He taught my valuable lessons on handling Sasha that we still us today without any problems. I was able to keep my dog and she is great with my family and friends!!! Thank you so much.

Krista Peoples

John has been working with our puppy over the past few weeks and already we have seen significant improvements! He is very dedicated and knowledgeable and has given us hands on, practical techniques to use in every day real life situations with our dog. We would recommend him to anyone looking for help in making their dog a more obedient, well mannered dog.

Erin Parrnel

After spending just one hour with John, our 4 month old English Bulldog, George, has shown great improvement in his behavior. I look foward to the sessions to come and learning how to have a strong, stress-free bond with my dog. If George's progress continues at this pace, the Dog Whisperer aint got nothin' on John!

John & Jessica

I would like to comment on John's knowledgeable as well as communicative skills he has demonstrated in his dog-training techniques. He has offered valuable insights that have effectively helped me in gaining the obedience as well as respect of my dog.

Dawn Anzolut

We experienced instant improvement with our first session with Trainer John. Thanks for training US on training our Miniature Schnauzer, Rudy. We already have highly recommended him and would continue to do so. Thanks,

Bob & Barbara Tapp

I first met with John to help me with training or try to get some control with our Golden Doodle puppy, Shilo (which we did not have any control over). John not only introduced us to training collars and methods which enabled our dog to begin to focus but installed the DogWatch fence on our property. Our family can enjoy playing in the yard with Shiloh without fear of him leaving the property. Shilo can release some of his energy in a positive way and he is becoming the family dog we dreamed of owning. Thank you, John. I will gladly refer you to anyone I know who has a dog or is getting a dog for both the DogWatch fence and for your personal trainingI

I adopted a 6 year old 150 pound Rottweiler named Timba. I wanted to feel confident walking him and handling him. John taught me the correct way to handle him and discipline him. He knows all his basic commands and walks beautifully on the leash. I can now have him drop something he picked up off the street instead of gobbling it down which could be extremely dangerous. Thanks to John Timba and I make a great team.

Beth Feher

We recently completed at-home training with John W. and our 1 1/2 year old Collie, "Mudge". We couldn't be more pleased with the results we have seen! We had spent $1,000 with another trainer. Mudge came back great on a leash ... but not very good beyond that. He quickly learned that we could not correct him if we could not CATCH him! We, on the other hand, we were not taught any follow-thru techniques to develop Mudge further. I was not having much fun with Mudge around.

John W. fixed everything! Most importantly ... he taught us, the owners, the proper steps, techniques, and voice tones to use when training Mudge. This, coupled with the use of a DOGTRA E collar enabled us to work Mudge in a productive manner. Now we have a dog that sits, stays, and listens. Even better is the fact that we can now walk him "off leash" so that he can play and work more. This keeps him challenged and satisfied.

I highly recommend Pro-Dog services for anyone that wants their dog to be a welcome, happy member of the household.

Steven Beintema

John is an amazing trainer. My family fosters rescue dogs, and he has helped us and many of our new adopters with hands on training tips. John is patient and positive and involves all family members so the dog has consistent reinforcement in the home. He even had my 6 year old walking our Pit Bull Terrier attentively next to him on a leash. His one on one techniques are so much more valuable than a group training class because he is able to concentrate immediately on the behaviors you wish to improve. Often times when you rescue a dog, it is easy to become discouraged by prior learned behavior. John is able to focus on the behaviors that need improving no matter what breed or age of dog so you can enjoy all aspects of your new family member.

Karen Ali-McHugh


With so much to compliment, where do I begin?

Over a year ago, while suffering some major health set backs, I adopted the adorable Punky, a Pit-Bull/Shar-Pei mix from the local shelter. While I thought I was doing a good deed by adopting her, I was in reality doing her a huge disservice by not properly training her out of her acquired bad states of mind from being a puppy turned over to the confines of a shelter cage. After almost nine months of being unsuccessful in controlling some of her wild behaviors and misguided strength, I found a light at the end of the tunnel when I came upon John from Pro-Dog Canine Academy.

At first meeting, I could tell that John would have no problem controlling Punky because her normally embarrassing welcome shenanigans did nothing to phase him. In lieu of ignoring her bad behavior or acknowledging it with negative attention as I had been doing, he corrected her on spot from the moment they met.

He showed me that I do not need to have brawn to train the Pit-Bull breed, but rather, the brain to know how to appropriately channel her energy through various mind stimulating commands and exercises. Johns training methods are so simplistic in nature that it makes you question why you were incapable of thinking to have done those things on your own. He is someone who trains with such a perfect parenting balance of gentle yet firm methods which leaves me in awe.

It took one session followed by our first homework period, to drastically see an improvement in Punky's performance on leash in response to my learned commands. Mind you, he is a stickler on doing your homework and not shy to call you out on it if he believes you haven't! Now due to the guidance Punky and I both received from John, I am no longer embarrassed of my dog. She has calmed down greatly, learned obedience in leaps and bounds and her strength is no longer an issue.

I firmly believe that through this experience I have had a happier experience as a dog owner and Punky is proud of the improved dog she has become.

A very satisfied dog owner,

Joii Galaida

We first met John after we adopted our 5 month old month and needed some obedience training. John was a wizard and within several sessions our puppy had become a happy and law abiding member of our family. John mentioned that he did invisible fences if we ever needed. At the time, we had a fenced in back yard and were not in the market. A year later we moved to a new home and decided to consider the invisible fencing option. WOW!!!! We are so glad we did. Our dog LOVES roaming our entire property, chasing squirrels, and protecting the kids on the swingset. It only took ONE correction and she has had it down pat ever since. She can not even be tempted by the neighbor's dog (also on an invisible fence system). We liked it so much we decided to put in an indoor system (to save our hardwood floors and carpets). This is a lifesaver and she seemed to understand as soon as she saw the white flags in the kitchen!!!! We are SO happy with both systems. John is dependable, honest, and GREAT with training the dogs!!! We highly recommend any of Pro dog's services.

Thanks John!!

Jessica Stepanski - Rumson, New Jersey

Hey John,

Sorry it took so long, but I finally got around to writing up a testimonial. Lola is doing great! I take her hiking with me all the time and although I don't think she'll ever really get along with other dogs, she is able to pass by them in a civil manner. I also attached a picture. Thanks again!

Jill Weislo

I contacted John after I adopted Lola - a young pit bull with a lot of baggage. My family and I had a lot of experience with dogs, but we had always adopted our dogs when they were puppies. Lola was uncontrollable around other dogs and people so I didn't want to just take her to any training school. The moment John came in the door he had complete control over her, but John had to train us just as much as he had to train Lola. He was very patient with us and was great in answering all of our questions. I can now take Lola for a walk and feel completely confident and in control. I would most definitely recommend him for even the toughest breeds

I just wanted to take a moment to thank John for all of the support he has provided in helping to transform our puppy rottweiler from an absolute menace to a loved member of our family. John was quickly able to assess our needs and provide solutions that made sense for all of us including our two year old daughter and of course our dog. He understands animals and they quickly learn to respect him as both a friend and a role model. My family strongly recommends John to help your family as well.

Dr. Randy S. Nissinoff

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We experienced instant improvement with our first session with Trainer John. Thanks for training US on training our Miniature Schnauzer, Rudy. We already have highly recommended him and would continue to do so.

~Bob & Barbara Tapp

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